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Lil Lauren in 2019!

In 2014 I moved to Sydney to complete my Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music. I studied musical theatre and extended my passion of all things music! While studying I worked as a children's entertainer, dressing up as kids favourite characters. During my time in Sydney I realised I wanted to combine my love of music with my interests in early childhood education. For the last four years I have been working with a range of performing arts companies and early childhood music groups to extend my skills in and develop my teaching style. These experiences helped shape my vision, and allowed me the environment to start creating my own programs and develop who I am as an educator and entertainer; an edutainer!

As many of my students and families would know, the end of 2018 saw a massive change for me. This change has allowed me to create my new programs, develop more connections, and learn how to make a website, and ultimately run my own business. It's scary! Coming from a performing arts background, trying to run your own business can be challenging. However, with the support of my partner and family, my friends and all of you I have now launched my website!

2019 will be a year of fun, adventures, music and dance! There is so much more to come, so please keep an eye on the website and my Facebook and Instagram for all the news!

Thanks for your support and love!

Lil Lauren x

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